Meet the Team

Head of Fundraising & Communications - Mat Cottle

Mat joined Team Bones in August 2015 having previously worked at Children with Cancer UK and the RSPCA. Mat shares a personal connection for our cause having lost his father at the age of 10 to Ewing sarcoma. His connection gives fuel to his passion every day in our fight to save life & limb.

Challenge Events & Legacy Fundraising Officer - Kate Connor

tel. 0113 258 5934

BCRT has been part of my life since 2005 when I took on a voluntary role whilst the charity was still being set up. I cannot believe how far the charity has come since then and it’s just fantastic to see BCRT go from strength to strength. I became the charity’s first member of staff in 2007 and my role has evolved a great deal since then. Initially I was doing everything from managing the website, to supporting our fundraisers, to organising the BCRT conference, to co-ordinating the research grants, to overseeing the campaign for NICE to approve the new osteosarcoma drug Mepact! These days my role is very much focussed on fundraising which is my absolute passion! If I’ve not already asked you to take on a challenge or support BCRT in some other way, don’t you worry, I’ll be in touch very soon.

Finance Manager - Maggy Barnes

tel. 0113 258 5934

I joined BCRT in August 2009 and am responsible for the accounts function of BCRT.

My first career was in Orthopaedic Nursing, I then changed direction and moved into Accounting. Prior to joining BCRT, I was Management Accountant for an American owned multi-national company in the service industry sector.

Research Development Manager - Jennifer Houniet

tel. 07528 846338

After six years of cancer research I discovered, that although I enjoyed the research, what I really loved was my extracurricular activities of supporting projects, communicating research and engaging with the public, patients and fundraisers.

In December 2013 I took on the role of Research and Information Officer for the BCRT and could not be happier about it. In addition to working for a fantastic charity, it is also very rewarding to know that by supporting research and providing correct information I am part of a dedicated team making a real difference as we strive to improve the lives of people with primary bone cancer.

If you have any queries about the research we support or require any information just get in touch!

Community Fundraising Officer - Dee McKenna

tel. 0113 258 5934

I joined BCRT at the beginning of April 2014. I had been volunteering at BCRT for 7 months and was really excited to be offered this short term contact. My days consist of co-ordinating office based volunteers, marketing, fundraising, PR and admin support, updating various databases and sending out fundraising materials.

Before BCRT, I have worked at various law firms as a legal secretary, specialising in employment law.

My youngest son was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in November 2011. His diagnosis and our need for information and support is what brought me to BCRT. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this wonderful charity.

Database, IT & Online Support Officer - Michael Charnock

tel. 0113 258 5934

I joined BCRT in January 2015 and I am responsible for implementing our exciting new database package which will make us a more effective and robust organisation going forward.

After graduating from university in 2011, I have worked for a county council, an MP and a small community charity in my hometown of Goole, working with databases of all shapes and sizes.

I hope my role will be a key factor in the growth and development of this brilliant charity. Go Team Bones!

Finance Assistant - Caz Benecke

tel. 0113 258 5934

I have worked as the Financial Accountant/Management Accountant for two multi-million manufacturing companies - the first in Scotland where I lived for 10 years and the second in Yorkshire. I am keen to experience a change of direction working for a charity and am very pleased to be part of the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Head of Events, Promotions and Campaigns - Catherine Newman

tel. 0113 258 5934

With my early career and training in theatre – where work I’ve directed and stage managed includes the Edinburgh Festival and York Mystery Plays – I’m now a dedicated communications professional and particularly enjoy applying these skills to challenges in the not-for-profit sector. Previously I worked for Arts Council England to support, guide and fund organisations and projects in the literary sector. I’ve also managed communications and events for a human rights NGO, and led work with alumni and donors at Leeds College of Music. It’s a privilege to be part of Team Bones, and I really hope that together we can make a positive impact for patients of primary bone cancer. My previous fundraising activities include living off £1 a day for 7 days (twice), running the Sport Relief Mile in six minutes, and doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks (3 times); but with a small(ish) baby boy to nurture, spare time is in rather short supply these days.

Challenge Events Fundraising Officer – Callum Appleby

tel. 0113 258 5934

I started at BCRT in March 2015. I love everything events and fundraising. After graduating from the University of Chester with a degree in Geography and International development, I spent a year as a Student Fundraising Manager with a Children’s charity in London. I have been fundraising for charity for about 4 years now. I hope to bring my passion for fundraising to BCRT and help develop our already amazing fundraising team. When I’m not at work you will catch me on my bike somewhere on the Yorkshire Dales.

Supporter Care Officer – Julie Chambers

tel. 0113 258 5934

I joined Bone Cancer Research Trust in April 2015 and despite being the newcomer, I have been made very welcome by everyone and it feels like home already.

I have previously worked in Africa buying and selling shares, in the legal sector dealing with personal injury claims and provided administrative support to vulnerable groups within NHS Leeds. I began volunteering at a local hospice six years ago which led to a full-time permanent post in the fundraising department. I am extremely proud to now be part of Team Bones where I am really keen to put my experience and life skills to good use, ultimately increasing funding to pay for research into bone cancer. I would love to be here and witness BCRT research finding a cure, now that would be a day to remember. When I’m not working I love walking, gardening and can often be found up a ladder with a paintbrush in my hand.

National Biobanking Facilitator – Zoe Davison

tel. 0113 258 5934

After doing my PhD and a short spell doing breast cancer research, which I loved, I soon realised that a career in a research laboratory was not for me. I then got involved in the world of biobanking at Newcastle University and have not looked back since. While in Newcastle, I was involved in both local cancer biobank projects and also with the CCLG national biobank. I really enjoy engaging with the clinical and research community and with the public and patients to facilitate the collection of tissue samples for use in research. I am delighted to join BCRT as National Biobank Facilitator. It is an exciting project and a great opportunity to really drive forward research in the field of primary bone cancer.

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