Awareness Week 2013

BCRT is really proud to have such a strong army of supporters who work hard for us all year round and your efforts during our Bone Cancer Awareness Week 2013 were no different.

The theme this year was early diagnosis as a new report showed survival rates for primary bone cancer still haven’t changed in 25 years, compared to those for more common forms of cancer.

Each year our campaign of activities generates more interest about primary bone cancer, who it affects and what can be done to improve outcomes for the future.

2013 was no exception and saw us reach 43 million people in the UK and Ireland – that’s 63% of the population!

The main aims of October’s awareness week were:

  • To improve public awareness and understanding of primary bone cancer in the UK and Ireland
  • To influence people to show their support and get involved during the week

Key highlights for us were a Daybreak interview with Ewing’s sarcoma survivor Jamie Wood and mum Liane Ashberry talking on BBC East Midlands about losing her daughter Ella to primary bone cancer just three months after diagnosis..

We were also delighted to hear BCRT chief executive officer Julia Kermode being interviewed on BBC Radio Northampton, as well as secure national coverage on the BBC News website, The Times and BBC Radio 5 Live.

Regional coverage of five-year-old Eddy Parry’s bone cancer story led to a Sky News interview later in November, which featured BCRT trustee Andy Lewis talking about losing his son Alex to osteosarcoma and why early diagnosis is so important.

In total we gained 344 pieces of coverage, including 53 print articles, 30 radio mentions, five pieces of TV coverage and 256 internet articles.

All in all we reached 4.7 million readers, 14.1 million radio listeners, 5.1 million TV viewers and a digital audience of more than 15 million people.

Social media was also a big success. Thanks to your support our awareness messages reached 74,998 people on Facebook and we gained around 90 new Twitter followers in the week alone.

And of course we were delighted to see so many of you get behind Awareness Week by holding Bake It For Bone Cancer events and spreading the word among your family and friends.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who got behind our Bone Cancer Awareness Week in 2013. It was our most successful Awareness Week to date and we couldn’t have done it without you.

See below for just a few media highlights from our 2013 Awareness Week campaign

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