BCRT 6th Annual Patients' and Supporters' Conference 2012

The 6th annual Patients' and Supporters' Conference took place on Saturday 23rd June at the Oxford Hotel in Oxford.

The conference was extremely well attended with a total of 100 delegates comprising of patients and supporters, medical professionals, researchers and of course, BCRT Trustees and staff.

The day was an opportunity for patients and supporters to learn more about some of the research projects we fund. It's important to us to be able to share this information with you so that you can see where your fundraising efforts are being targeted. At BCRT, we never lose sight of the invaluable fundraising efforts of our supporters. We know that without your help we wouldn't be able to carry out vital research into primary bone cancer, so a massive 'THANK YOU' to you all.

Conference programme

This year's programme included inspirational accounts from former bone cancer patients which astounded delegates because they were heart-felt, positive and strong. Gill Lawrence, Director, WMCIU spoke about pathways to diagnosis for primary bone cancers and treatment patterns. Bass Hassan, Professor of Oncology at Oxford University gave an interesting talk about future research priorities for bone cancer while Ian Lewis explored 'what improving outcomes for patients' really means'.

The BCRT researchers presented their current projects and were also on hand to talk to delegates throughout the day.

There were also a number of stands for delegates to visit including BCRT Support Committee. Gill Pilcher, BCRT Trustee, informed delegates about the work of the Support Committee and how patients and supporters can get involved. We are happy to report that a number of delegates have offered to be support volunteers.

BCRT Conference 2012 Programme

Discussion groups

In the afternoon, delegates took part in one of two discussion groups:

What does improving outcomes for patients really mean?'

The aim of this session was for the delegates to collectively agree the top five outcomes that they had discussed in their groups. The groups then had ten points to spend on these five outcomes, spending more points on areas they felt were important and spending fewer points on areas that they felt were less important.

We'd like to share this information with you: Discussion group outcomes

Coping with loss

A primary objective of BCRT is to offer patients and their families emotional support and practical information about coping with bone cancer.

Our ‘support givers’ can put families in touch with others who are going through similar experiences. We can’t change the diagnosis but we can let you know you are not alone.

Read more about support and how you can get involved http://www.bcrt.org.uk/s_support.php

Video presentations

We had a really good attendance on the day but for those of you who were not able to make it, we filmed all the presentations for you to watch. Hope you enjoy.

Personal experience:

Andrew Sheppard (BCRT Trustee)

'Pathways to diagnosis for primary bone cancers'

Speaker: Gill Lawrence, Director, WMCIU

Personal experience:

Sharon Taylor's sister Heidi Barrington

'How we fund research'

Speaker: Craig Gerrand (BCRT Trustee)

Personal experience:

Helen Hutchison

Personal experience 'Gifts from Alex':

Andy and Angela Lewis

'Future research priorities for bone cancer'

Speaker: Bass Hassan, Professor of Oncology, University of Oxford

What does 'improving outcomes for patients' really mean?

Speaker: Ian Lewis (BCRT Trustee)

'Ideas for using social media'

Speaker: Xandie Trevor

'BCRT's information provision and how this fits nationally'

Speaker: Harriet Unsworth, BCRT Research and Information Officer


A short film from Sam Waley-Cohen:

In this 10 minute film, Sam talks about his brother who sadly died of Ewing's sarcoma in 2004, and the importance of the work of the BCRT

Personal experience 'Making a difference for BCRT':

Francesca Haigh

Update on BCRT and closing remarks

Roger Paul, Chairman, BCRT


Royal Parks 'hype video'

For those of you who haven't seen our video to promote the Royal Parks Half Marathon, take a look and share this with all your friends.. and if you fancy a challenge, sign up today!

A selection of photos from the day…


Meet a researcher

Personal experiences

Discussion group outcomes

Conference delegates

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