How to apply for a Research grant

Call for Research Grant Applications

Applications are received by BCRT and forwarded to our Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) for assessment.

Each grant application is subjected to external peer-review. External reviewers will be asked to confirm that there is no significant conflict of interest.

Each round of applications will be considered by the SAP who will determine which applications are of sufficient quality to be funded and rank them accordingly. They could choose to recommend all or none.

Recommendations will then be considered by the Trustees, who have the final decision on funding. This will be determined by available funds. Further information on grant applications is available from Jennifer Houniet.

Please also see the standard Terms and Conditions of BCRT research grants.

The closing dates for the next four grant rounds are shown in the table below:

Application Deadline Type of grants offered Applications reviewed and considered Successful applicants informed
Friday 28 March 2014 Small grants
Project grants
April – August.
Recommended to trustees in September.
September/October 2014
Friday 26 September 2014 Research fellowships September – January.
Recommended to trustees in February.
February/March 2015

Types of grants

BCRT awards different types of funding grants.

Small grants

Grant applications up to a value of £10,000 are eligible for the 'small grants' application process. These grants are not externally peer-reviewed but are considered by the SAP, with expert opinions being sought where necessary.

Pump-priming grants

Pump-priming grants are available for values up to £30,000. These grants are designed to fund small studies that will provide preliminary data on which larger funding applications can be based. Applications for these grants are always subject to external peer-reviewed before being considered by the SAP.

Project grants

Project grants applications are welcomed up to a value of £75,000. These grants are for more substantial research projects and the applications for these are also subject to external peer-review before consideration by the SAP.

Research Fellowships

These awards were to enable the applicant to complete research towards a PhD or MD qualification, which is expected to take 2-4 years in total. The maximum value for these applications was £150,000 for a PhD candidate or £225,000 for an MD candidate in the 2012 grant round. These applications are externally peer reviewed before consideration by the SAP.

For more information about BCRT's research fellowships please see our Fellowships page.

Application forms

For small grants, please use the small grants application form.

For pump-priming and project grants please use the standard application form.

For research fellowship applications please use the Research Fellowships application form

Please submit completed application forms electronically to Jennifer Houniet and send one copy by post to:

Bone Cancer Research Trust
Unit 10
Feast Field
LS18 4TJ

Further information on grant requirements is available from Jennifer Houniet.

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